Ag & Produce Vendors
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Andrew Koschier
Andrew Koschier
Mushrooms, Pumpkins, Cucumbers

Art & Will's Tanglewood Gardens
Celeste Harris
(208) 459-3737

Produce, Eggs, Beef, Plants and Hand-Crafted Items

Celestial Enterprises consists of produce, eggs, some plants and various hand-crafted items, many of which are country oriented.
We are able to have many kinds of produce earlier in the season because we have greenhouses.  We have some produce from the first day of the market clear throught to the last market day, as well as having some cool-weather produce throughout the winter.  We grow many varieties of heirloom vegetables, which are all grown naturally, and we do not knowingly buy or grow GMO seeds and produce.
Our farm fresh eggs are from free-range chickens.
The plants we offer are all non-hybrid and are mainly heirloom plants with a few being newer open-pollinated varieties.

Art 'n Will's Tanglewood Gardens
Elisa & Rob Baldwin
(208) 371-0292 or (208) 286-8698

Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Cucumbers and Fruit.

9th season at the market.  Farm and garden organic grown.  Family business located in New Plymouth.

Four R Gardens
Four R Gardens  email
Barbara Emerich
27 N. Canyon, Nampa, ID  83657
(760) 559-6550
Produce, Cactus and Succulent Gardens

Cactus and succulent table top gardens potted in recycled items from wine glasses to shoes.  Also rusty cans picked up in the desert.

Gutierrez Family Farms
Gutierrez Family Farms
Sharon Gutierrez
Lamb, Beef, Eggs, Apples Walnuts
Hasta Hava Hosta
Sherry Steams
Hostas, Tiny Hostas, Small Potted Plants

Hasta Hava Hosta
Jammi's Veggies  facebook
Arash & Michele Alidjani
(208) 846-7829
Basil & other Herbs, Veggies (in Season) Farm Fresh Eggs Homemade Jams, Fudge, Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, Jamsheid's Lemonade & Sweet Tea and Assorted Crafts by Michele.

Arash and I started out in 2009 just wanting to spend some much needed time together, with just Tomatoes & Cucumbers and some Basil plants we started our small home business named for our youngest Son Jamsheid. Over the last 7 years we have added more and more products until now we have a large assortment of everything you could want and need.

Jammi's Veggies
K & D
K & D
Kristen Miller
Potted Plants, Hanging Baskets

Lady Bug Studios
Lady Bug Studios
Denise and Rick Korman
Plants, herbs, hops

We sell beautiful, healthy, plants including potted house plants, garden herb plants, medicinal fresh Aloe and Comfrey leaves, along with Home Brew dried Whole hops.  We grow and nurture all our offerings in our home, garden or green houses in Nampa.  Denise makes her own potting soil mix, specifically designed to promote healthy plants to retain moisture and provide essential nutrients and drainage for them to thrive.

Our primary selection consists of succulents and cacti since they do well in our dry southwestern Idaho climate.  We also offer other varieties of plants including beautiful spider plants.

Our hand selected pots feature recyclable bamboo in a variety of sizes and colors or ceramic pots with beautiful designs, patterns and colors.  We also use clay pots for a nice natural look.

Enjoy the many benefits of living with house plants.  Their beauty will enhance the ambiance of any room.  They produce oxygen to help make your environment more livable.  It is fun to watch them grow and develop.

Mama T's Grateful Goods
Theresa Bidwell
Plant Starts, Greens, Flowers, Eggs,
Produce, Herbs, Flower Baskets

Mama T's Grateful Goods
McClaskey Farms  email
Becky Forth
208-896-4087 or 208-889-7810 (cell)

Plants, Produce, Flowers

McClaskey Farms
Pitchfork Farms
Pitchfork Farms  email  facebook
Jeremy Maxson
(208) 353-5576
Plants, Produce
Purvis Nursery & Orchard  email
Bob Purvis
1568 Hill Road, Homedale, ID  83628
Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, and Plums

Purvis Nursery & Orchard will be offering sweet berries June 10 - July 20; tart cherries June 10 - July 10, apricots June 10 - October 21; peaches and nectarines July 15 - September 30; apples July 20 - October 28; pears Aug. 1 - October 28; plums August 1 - October 28.  We also supply summer budwood of stone fruits to backyard fruit growers upon request.

Purvis Nursery & Orchard
Rachel's Produce
Rachel's Produce
Rachel Johnson
Plants, Produce, Eggs

Relk's Heritage Gardens
Relk's Heritage Gardens  email  facebook
Amy and Jerad Relk
Parma, ID
Produce, Plants, Chicken Food, Eggs

Farm fresh produce and eggs
Trees, plants, herbs, pumpkin patch and more.

Sand Hollow Seed
Sand Hollow Seed
Christine Robinson
Vegetable and Flower Seeds, Eggs
Season's Best
Season's Best  email
John & Anna Davis
(208) 459-1688 or (208) 250-1418
Produce, Plants, Hanging Baskets

Season's Best has been a vendor at the Nampa Farmers Market for more than ten years.  Our signature products are beautiful hanging baskets featuring flower types and colors for everyone.  We also sell quality produce in season ranging from asparagus in the spring to berries in the summer to grapes in the fall.  We round out our product line with live plants and special fruits and veggies

Small Steps Farm
Small Steps Farm  email
Louise Douglas and Kurt Priebe
3431 Southside Blvd.
Nampa, ID 83686
(208) 250-4362
Lamb, Pork, Duck Eggs, Produce, Plants
Small Steps Farm is a sustainable five acre farm located in Nampa.  Our farm produces lamb, pork, chicken and duck eggs, potatoes, garlic, and various other seasonal produce.  We believe in using a natural approach in all that we do.
Our animals have lots of room to roam and forage in the sunshine; they are raised on pasture using a rotational grazing system.  The animals are moved regularly to allow them to graze fresh pasture and to keep our pastures in healthy condition.  Our lamb is grass-fed and finished.  In addition to grass, our pigs, chickens, and ducks are fed an all-vegetable protein feed, milled locally.  Our feeds contain no antibiotics or growth hormones.
Our produce is raised without the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or herbicides. 
We call our farm Small Steps as a reminder to ourselves that every bit that we do to make our home & farm a healthier place makes a difference, even if just a small one.  There is a fable about a man who is walking down the road and comes across a little bird with its legs up in the air.  The man asks the bird what he is doing.  The bird replies "I've heard the sky is going to fall today."  The man laughs and says "You are only a little bird.  You can't hold up the sky."  To which the bird replies "I'm doing what I can." 

Svedin's Nursery
W. Steven Svedin
Produce, Plants, Specialty Food
Svedin's Nursery
U of I Extension
U of I Extension
Plants, Vegetable Starts, Trees