Ag & Produce Vendors
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Bethany Tutwiler
Bethany Tutwiler
Cuccumbers, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Flowers, Cantaloupe, Pumpkins, Cookies, Plants
Black Dog Berry Farm and Market Garden
Fred Kopel
Fruits, Berries, Vegetables, Cut Flowers, Jams, Pies

Black Dog Berry Farm and Market Garden
Ehlemble Gardens
Ehlemble Gardens  email  instagram
Christina & Scott Zack
Produce,  Bread
This is our first year at the market and we are very excited! We are a small, family, operation providing high quality goods. Our gardens are grown organically, focusing on heirloom varieties and sustainable practices. We also bake small-batch artisan bread and delicious baked goods. We look forward to meeting you!
Elsie's Heirlooms
Celia Lantz
Vegetables, Berries, Watermelon, Grapes, Raspberries, Cut Flowers, Herbs

Elsie's Heirlooms
EMERJ  email
Elisa Baldwin
(208) 371-0292

Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Cucumbers and Fruit.

EMERJ is a small market farm run by our family. We pride ourselves in producing spray-free vegetables and fruit. We specialize in heirloom tomatoes, beets, chard, rhubarb and various greens. We have been a vendor with Nampa Farmers Market for 10 years. 
Gros Nez Lavender
Gros Nez Lavender  email  facebook
Steve & Merik Vawser
(208) 404-3137
Vegetables, Fruit, Lavender

The name of the business is French for "big nose". We created the business back in summer 2006 and started the nursery with 300 Grosso Lavender plants in 1 acre of land in Garden Valley, Idaho. We are now a 1/2 acre market garden and orchard located in Nampa, and 2 acres Lavender Farm in Garden Valley. We keep honeybee hives in Nampa and Garden Valley to help pollinate all of our garden goodies, lavender farm and orchard. Gros Nez Lavender is dedicated to offering our costumers natural lavender products, bath and body products, wedding favors, and culinary products. We also sell produce, honey, and homemade breads at the local  farmers market.

Groves Country Mushrooms email  instagram  facebook
Mason and Tia Groves
(208) 440-6326

Groves Country Mushrooms is a local, family run mushroom farm located in Parma, Idaho! My wife Tia and I spend part of the year commercial fishing in Alaska and we have only recently planted roots in Idaho as our family grows. Our ultimate goal is to establish a booming business in Idaho so that our family can be together all year round. As a son and grandson of incredible farmers in the Valley, I've always had the desire to farm. I now understand why my family has spent their entire lives growing healthy, beautiful crops. Our mission is to grow the freshest gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in all of Idaho. We've committed ourselves to learning everything we can about mushrooms and how to offer Idaho the best of the best. We love what we do and look forward to serving many more of you!

Groves Country Mushrooms
Jammi's Veggies/Jamsheid's Pet Rocks  email  facebook
Arash, Michele & Jamsheid Alidjani

Basil & other Herbs, Veggies (in Season) Farm Fresh Eggs Homemade Jams, Fudge, Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, Jamsheid's Lemonade & Sweet Tea and Assorted Crafts by Michele.

Jammi's Veggies Started at Nampa Farmers Market in 2009 with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Basil Plants, we wanted to spend Saturdays together and start our little Urban Garden.  This year is our 10th Year/11th Season at Market and We now carry a larger selection of Fresh Veggies and Herb Plants as well as Berry Plants.  We Also Offer Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls, Home Made Jams, Delicious Fudge, Ice Cold Lemonade, Crocheted Kitchen Towels and Dishrags, and New this year Michele's Keto Corner.
You'll find us across from Jammi's Dawgs on the edge of the grass.
Jammi's Veggies
Josh Daniels
Josh Daniels

Hipwell Ranch
Hipwell Ranch
Brecca and Mitch Hipwell
Homedale Hobby Farm
Homedale Hobby Farm
Jim Siegfried
Produce, plants, cork craft items, bread
Homesteader Farms
Homesteader Farms  email
Scott & Tanya Quigley
(847) 826-2300
After working at desk jobs in Chicagoland for 20 or so years we decided to pack it all up, simplify our life and see if we could be self-sufficient. Part of living off the land so to speak, is being able to sell some of what we produce to pay for our expenses. This was our original intent anyway. After doing much research about soil health and permaculture practices, and eating what we were growing, we discovered our passion…growing outstanding produce.  Along with the benefit of great tasting food we now understand that we are increasing the nutrition of the produce as well. We don't concentrate on volume. We don't concentrate on perfect looking items. We concentrate on health. The health of the plant is a sign of the health of the produce.

So what good is healthy produce if it is covered with chemicals?
Is it really healthy if you need to use chemicals? It is our belief that we as humans fight nature far too much. Because of this we do not use chemicals of any kind near our crops.
No fertilizers of any kind.
No pesticides of any kind.
No herbicides of any kind.
We do use compost, compost teas, low-till and permaculture practices to help re-establish our soil health. This is our mission.
We at Homesteader Farms grow a very large variety of summer vegetables, garlic and cold season crops. Our salad mix is a customer favorite and consists of seasonal varieties of Asian greens, baby greens (swiss chard, spinach, frisee, beet greens, mustard, kale) and loose leaf baby lettuce. We also grow melons, a variety of stone fruits, strawberries, raspberries & blackberries.
We are very much looking forward to servicing the Nampa area this upcoming season. Hope to see you there!

Living Tree Greenhouse
Linda Wood
Potted flowers, herbs vegetables, dried pepper flakes, produce, flowers, herbs

Living Tree Greenhouse
Oasis Honey
Oasis Honey
Brett & Kathy Harwell
Produce, Honey, Beeswax Candles, Table Runners

P & J Gardening  email
Patrick Thomas & Jacob Birk
(208) 249-8623

For the last few years I had made and produced essential oils. A few years ago we started playing with the idea of market so with the help of some friends and family we are now currently running three properties in order to bring ourselves to market. This is the first year in a long and happy journey. If all goes well we will be moving to one large establishment at the end of the year.

P & J Gardening
Pink Tomatoes  email
Tessi Lindley
(208) 340-1689
produce, fruit, veggies

I just love gardening. Vegetable gardens, flower gardens, herb gardens, I love them all. I tend to over do it though and often end up with extra produce, so I thought "Why not try the Farmer's Market"? This is my first year and I am very excited. I will be selling garden produce, berries, and fruit - depending on what grows prolific enough (and what I can keep the birds from eating LOL!). I try to grow organically - but am not certified. I involve my kids and grandkids as much as possible as well. I look forward to making lots of new friends at the market this summer!

Pink Tomatoes
Purvis Nursery & Orchard
Purvis Nursery & Orchard  email
Bob Purvis
Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Pears, and Plums

Purvis Nursery & Orchard will be offering sweet berries June 10 - July 20; tart cherries June 10 - July 10, apricots June 10 - October 21; peaches and nectarines July 15 - September 30; apples July 20 - October 28; pears Aug. 1 - October 28; plums August 1 - October 28.  We also supply summer budwood of stone fruits to backyard fruit growers upon request.

Rachel's Produce
Rachel Johnson
Plants, Produce, Eggs

Rachel's Produce
Riding Gnome Ranch
Sarah Butler
Tomato plants, flowers, hanging baskets

Riding Gnome Ranch
The Broody Hen House
Chris Burton
Plants, Herbs, Produce

The Broody Hen House
Tombstone Ink
Janna Deulen
Plants, Produce

Tombstone Ink
Tyson's Topknot Farm LLC  email  facebook
Travis Tyson
(208) 250-0842

Our family farm started in the spring of 2013 with the purchase of 10 acres in the country! We naturally raise our own meat, eggs & veggies to share with our local community of people who are becoming concerned with how their food is being grown and what's being fed to the animal products they're buying!
About my non-GMO fed, farm raised, free range broiler chickens and process: I buy one day old Cornish Cross Straight Run chicks from Dunlap Hatchery in Caldwell (2nd oldest Hatchery in the U.S. and LOCAL, family owned business in Caldwell) they are raised inside of an old shed which I've converted into a brooder house where they are protected from all things and provided heat, fresh water, non-GMO chick starter feed from Big D Ranch (another LOCAL family owned business in Meridian) and I provide supplemental Chick Grit which non-free range chickens need to digest their food. After 3-4 weeks they are moved out of the brooder and out to free range where they can naturally grow the way God intended them to and are given a non-GMO Broiler Feed also from Big D. Between week 8-10, they are gently gathered and taken to one of a few local poultry processors to be humanly butchered and packaged for your freezer where they can be kept for up to one year.

Tyson's Topknot Farm LLC
Valli Hi Angus Ranch  email  facebook  instagram
Chelsea DeFriez & Candy Jenkins
(208) 965-9733
Beef, Lamb

We've been raising Black Angus Cattle in Caldwell for 60+ years, we are excited to now be offering our top quality Angus beef locally!  We run our cattle on green pastures in the summer and feed alfalfa and barley hay in the winter.  We do not feed antibiotics or use growth hormones.  Our cattle go straight from our ranch to the butcher and are dry aged for 14 days, then cut, packaged (with no added gases or preservatives), and flash frozen to preserve the beefy flavor and quality of the meat.  Our customers love seeing our happy and healthy cattle enjoying the beautiful green pastures and our most often comment is "your meat is just so... BEEFY!"  Give us a try and Savor the Beefy Flavor of Local Black Angus Beef.  We look forward to meeting and you and enjoying the Nampa Farmers Market!

Valli Hi Angus Ranch