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A Pinch of Idaho

A Pinch of Idaho  email
Lori Goettsche
(208) 861-6985
Spices, Rubs

After retiring from the produce business, I still wanted to be part of the farmer's market, with less time obligation, and in my process of investigating possibilities, realized that there is a need for quality spice blends, not just in the farmer's market, but also in general.  Most store brands are either overpriced, underflavored and/or contain unhealthy additives.

    I love to cook, and have always spiced my foods by taste, but never a specific recipe.  I started with dressings and bbq rubs, then tex-mex and seasoned salt.  Once I got started, I realized there is an unlimited number of recipes and even unlimited demand for great flavor.  Then I started to learn about herbs and spices as medicine.  The rest is history in the making.

Every Grain of Salt

Every Grain of Salt  email  facebook  instagram
Mark & Andrea Penner
(208) 989-0536
Flavored Salt

We are life-long Idahoans and love to call the Treasure Valley our home. With a passion for cooking, and a taste for seasoning, salts, and spices from around the globe, we wanted to create some new flavor infused sea salts and blends to share with you. We offer samples each week so you can taste, and find, your own new favorites. Look forward to meeting you!

Fantasy Fudge
Fantasy Fudge  email
Deborah Cunningham
(208) 283-9955
2618 S. Sienna Dr., Nampa, Idaho  83686

Grandma Vietti's Kitchen
Grandma Vietti's Kitchen  email
(208) 392-2801
Liz Miller
Homemade Truffles, Chocolates, Granola, Nut Mixes, Pies, Cakes, & Treats
Small batches of Fresh Granola,  Granola bars, Nut mixes,  traditional Truffles,  pound cakes, and chocolates
Herbal Amy LLC
Herbal Amy LLC  facebook  email
Amy and Wes Weidner
(208) 860-2730
CBD, Herbal Remedies, Herbal Products, Stephen Buhner Protocols, Specialty Loose Leaf Teas

Herbal Amy produces Idaho's highest quality Herbal & CBD products verified to contain zero THC thru third party testing to comply with Idaho's legal statutes.  Herbs are grown organically, sustainably wild harvested, and some are grown in aquaponics. 
Jenny's Cake Balls
Jenny's Cake Balls
Jenny Newman
Cake Balls

Oasis Honey
Oasis Honey
Brett & Kathy Harwell
(208) 571-3414

Honey, Beeswax Candles, Table Runners, Recipe Boxes, Lazy Susans, Produce

Oasis Honey produces raw, local honey in the Sad Hollow area of Caldwell.  We use the beeswax to produce pure beeswax candles which burn cleaner and brighter than parafin.  Also available are colorful table runners that protect the table as well as being attractive.  Kathy and Brett have enjoyed being part of the market for 10 years. 

Raspberry Patch  email
Gail Lambert & Patty Snider
(208) 466-2318
Breads & Jams, Baby & Children's Clothing, BSU, Aprons

I started at the market many years ago as a crafter.  8 yrs ago my sister Patty joined me.  Soon after I started making Jams & flavored Bread.  So now we have 49 flavors of Jam & about as many flavors of breads which are made from what I grow or from local farmers.  Along with this we do a complete line of baby items & kids close plus much more.

Raspberry Patch
The Sweet Dream Bakeshop
The Sweet Dream Bakeshop
Sandi Smutny
Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies

Wagner Idaho Foods    email    facebook
Bob & Cari Wagner
(208) 284-0101
Wagner's Idaho Mustard, Soft
Pretzels, Bread, Baked Goods, Breakfast Cereal

Bob and Cari Wagner formed their food company, Wagner Idaho Foods in Nampa Idaho with the idea that they would make only wholesome, natural products.  "If we wouldn't eat it ourselves, why would we make it?" Bob says.  "You can actually pronounce every one of the ingredients in each of our products." 

"We love Idaho.  It's our home.  We love mustard.  So it's only natural that we name Wagner's Idaho Mustard after the state we love."   

Wagner's Idaho Mustard
is made naturally, the old fashioned way in small batches with nothing artificial, and it's made right here in Idaho, with Idaho grown mustard seed, filtered water and sea salt.  Now there are ten flavors; Wagner's Idaho Mustard, Dill, Smoky-Hot, Screamin' Hot Habanero, Hoppin' Jalapeno, Sweet & Sassy Honey Mustard, Applewood Smoked, Special Reserve Whole Seed Mustard, Roasted Garlic and Atomic Lava.  It's sassy, with an Idaho snap! 

This year, the Wagners will continue making old fashioned German style soft pretzels along with bread, gourmet pretzel rolls (the BEST for hamburgers and hotdogs) And try their Fruit and Nut Bars and Breakfast Cereal!

Wagner Idaho Foods